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Sakura Peptide Beauty Drink is an advanced formulation consist of Atlantic Deep Sea Cod Collagen Peptide combining with research proven Sakura Extracts and 5 antioxidants – Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D-Biotin, Beetroot Extract and Acai Berry Extract.

RENCELLE Sakura Peptide Beauty Drink has super high antioxidant effect, can help delay skin aging, repair damaged skin cells, at the same time, replenishes dry skin, retain moisture and firm the body, it can significantly activate skin cells to rejuvenate and farewell to fine lines, dark sports, dull skin etc. You can experience an intense skin hydration boost, skin become whiter, tender and youthful.

RENCELLE Sakura Peptide Beauty Drink is the most perfect formula for the beautiful skin, face, hair, nails and joint.


Main ingredients:

Japan Sakura Extract, Acai Berry Extract, Beetroot Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B7(D-Biotin) and wild caught Cod Collagen Peptides from the deep sea of the North Atlantic. The collagen peptide are free from pollution and antibiotics. High in glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, 1.5X more efficient than collagen from bovine and porcine. No fishy smell and small molecular weight. It can be quickly absorbed and used by the body.

Powerful effect

–  Anti-glycation
–  Decrease in freckles
–  Skin whitening
–  Promote collagen formation
–  Effectively block the damage to cells caused by sunlight, ultraviolet rays, radiation, etc
–  Block the production and precipitation of melanin
–  Enhance elasticity
–  Water-locking & moisturizing
–  Antioxidant
–  Anti-aging
–  Skin smoothing

Atlantic COD Collagen Peptide

–  Deep sea wild caught COD from Atlantic
–  Global Certified by ISO, HACCP and Halal
–  Free from pollution
–  Free from antibiotic
–  High in glycine, proline&hydroxyproline
–  Increase skin moisture
–  Tasteless, odourless
–  Smaller Molecule Weight, 3000Da
–  Can be quickly absorbed and used by body
–  1.5 times more efficient than collagen from bovineor porcine


RENCELLE 5 Main functions:

1. Repair from foundation
Collagen Peptide, Vitamin C, E protect from free radical damage

2. Whitening and diminishing freckles
Sakura extract, Vitamin C, anti-glycogen, protect from UV damage

3. Water-locking and enhance elasticity
Promote natural collagen formation, Sakura extract, Vitamin C

4. Shine the hair and strengthen the nails
Collagen peptide, D-Biotin

5. Revitalize the skin, pinkish complexion
Beetroot – good vitality, acai berry-anthocyanins and flavonoids

Lay a good foundation for the skin, Beauty From Within Inspired Skin Beauty Secret



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