LUTEEN Junior Super Fruit Juice (For kids below 12, Eye care) (30 sachets x 2g)

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To succeed in school, children need a lot of learning skills. Good eyesight is an important factor. Reading, writing, painting, crafts, etc. are tasks that students perform on a daily bass with good vision. Effective eye care can solve many visual disorders and help your child develop the most learning skills.


A beyond kid eye health beverage composed of eye powerful nutrients: Marigold Extract (Lutein & Zeaxanthin), Astaxanthin (MicroAlgea), Carrot Extract (Natural Beta Carotene) in Blueberry Juice. 100% from natural source. Enjoy every sip of the goodness for healthy eyes!


Best For

  • Kids who with poor vision.
  • Kids who always use computer / tablet / smartphone.
  • Kids who study until mid-night.
  • Kids who always tired and less concentrate.
  • Kids who less eat vegetables & fruits


  • Maintain healthy vision.
  • Protect eyes from blue light harms.
  • Enhance visual clarity.
  • Support brain & cognitive function.
  • Enhance memory and learning.
  • Improve concentrate.
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